Protection against spy phones

The Stealth GSM-SAFE 



‘The GSM Spy Phone’. This is the name that has been given to any mobile phone which operates completely normally in everyday use but which has been specially programmed to act as a bugging device. These phones will receive calls in the normal way when called from a standard telephone. However, when called from a previously programmed ‘spy’ number it will show no sign of usage; no tone, vibration or light. In other words it looks as if it is still in normal ‘standby’ mode. But, at the point of calling the telephone actually becomes a wireless microphone which can operate at virtually unlimited distance. The operator of the ‘spy’ number can then listen to all acoustics surrounding your mobile, whether in a  meeting, negotiations or speaking privately, all conversations can be picked up.


The ‘GSM SAFE/CASE’ have been created to protect your conversations in case your GSM phone has been modified or changed. It has been designed to act as an attractive desktop stand (GSM SAFE) or belt case (GSM CASE). Its features include a built-in radio-frequency detector, a controlling scheme and a noise generator which activates when the phone is active. Therefore, the phone should be kept in the ‘GSM SAFE/CASE’ to provide 24 hour indoor protection. Normal calls can be answered in the usual way since you will hear the telephone’s melody or vibration and simply remove it from the stand. Hidden ‘spy’ activations do not produce any sound or vibration and this is where the GSM SAFE/CASE will protect you. In the event of a ‘spy’ activation the GSM SAFE/CASE will automatically turn on its noise generator and the listener will hear this sound only. You will also instantly notice your phone’s activation thanks to the built-in LED indicator and the low sound coming from it.



  • Instant automatic protection against ‘spy’ phones thanks to the built-in RF detector and noise generator

  • Completely harmless to your health (no electromagnetic waves)

  • Compatible with the GSM 900 / GSM 1800 (PCN) / GSM 1900 (PCS)

  • Compatible with virtually all types of GSM telephones (max width 5 cm, practically any height and thickness)

  • Built-in diode for  active mode indication







Attractive desktop stand. 3 colors available. Made of natural wood with an internal velour cover

 Leather case with a belt clip and  flap


2 x AA


Current consumption (stand-by/active)



Working time (stand-by/active)

15 days


Indicator of active state